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In the previous part, we forget to talk about Debots — most important technological innovation existed only in Everscale.

Many critics of blockchain see the major disadvantage of modern technology in the poor interaction between blockchain itself and external applications, such as wallets and dApps. Because this interaction is centralized, it’s insufficiently secure and reliable.

Everscale and Surf developers overcame this and created a unique UI/UX solution that allows user applications and the blockchain to interact. They designed the network where smart contracts can interact with each other through internal and external messages.

Internal ones are messages inside the blockchain. They are also used to transfer EVERs within the network. External messages — those which come into the blockchain from the outside. They cannot change the EVER balance on the accounts, but they can deploy and launch smart contracts.

Everscale itself also has an additional requirement to provide security for its users: the smart contract is only deposited to an address that depends on the smart contract code. That’s how we guarantee the integrity of the data.

Debot is a special type of smart contract that runs on the user side in a special environment, the Debot browser. When you interact with Debots via the interface[6], they send direct messages to the blockchain, launching corresponding smart contracts or entire smart contract systems.

The Debot technology allows to remove centralization points in the user-blockchain interaction, such as Web3 sites with DApp servers. Moreover, it gives additional advantages for developers because of its versatility: there is no need to hire frontend developers because smart contract developers can create interfaces on their own. Existing dApps can be easily launched via the appropriate Debot, since the latter only needs to launch the corresponding smart contracts of the application.

Debots allows us to easily support four versions:
・command line interface
・chat bot
・browser dapp

This allows us to easily support four versions of the interface at once: a lightweight command line or Chat bot with a very simple and easy interface and full-featured UI, where Debot communicates through “manifests”.

Being a new technology, Debots continue to develop continuously. Their interface is also constantly developing and soon we can expect other, more interactive options.

Ever Surf has a built-in Debot browser and supports this technology at the service level.

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