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Ever Surf
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Surf, most popular app on the Everscale blockchain

Let’s take a closer look at Ever Surf and its tight integration with Everscale.

Ever Surf is a new and multipurpose tool for everyone to interact with the Everscale blockchain. It’s based on the modern day UX research making the app simple and clear for a wide audience.

The Surf features are so wide-ranging that we classify the app as the blockchain browser, after the revolutionary applications of the end of the 20th century used to communicate with the Internet.

Surf provides the following features:

  • Wallet. To receive and send tokens on the Everscale blockchain.
  • Collections. To store, collect, forward, receive NFT tokens.
  • Messenger. Communicate with friends and partners.
  • Staking & Savings. To earn passive income by investing your own funds into staking contracts.
  • Debots. To launch dApps right from the Surf app.
  • Payments. To buy and swap tokens and pay for them with your bank card.

Now, a quarter of the all active accounts in Everscale are exactly Surf accounts. The total amount on accounts exceeds 30M EVER. The amount of tokens delegated into staking pools via Surf is over 60M EVER.

Since 2019, when Surf has been released, its features have multiplied and interface and security level haven’t stopped improving. As this multi-tool browser for the blockchain, Ever Surf is facing its next evolution. We are ready to represent Surf as a multi-purpose platform that connects the users of the blockchain and service providers via a decentralized and universal user interface.

Surf as a multi-purpose platform

Surf came a long way and now it can solve problems of both: users of the blockchain and service and applications providers.

Using Surf, service providers get a customer base while users can interact with multiple services right in the Surf browser, without remembering websites or addresses, without changing their user patterns or adapting to different apps. They can access everything they need from a single and familiar interface.


At the heart of this interaction lies the $SURF token, which is designed to stimulate both participants of the blockchain. $SURF is a native token of the Ever Surf platform meant to be a bridge between users and service providers.

Part5. Users and Service Providers



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