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Ever Surf
2 min readMay 26, 2022

Surf Tokenomics

Token: $SURF

Total supply: 100,000,000

Purpose: Practical

Standard: TIP-3 initially, DFT

Contract: In progress

Find more info on the $SURF token website.

The Project’s Roadmap

Surf is aiming to be a self-contained and universal platform for user interaction with the blockchain in the near future. It stands for giving users the ability to use the platform without getting buried in details of how the blockchain works.

Of course, a global goal like this can be only achieved by gaining many intermediary targets. For example, developing specific services, forging a partnership and improving existing solutions.

In the first quarter of 2022, we’ve made the first step on our way to the global goal — we released the $SURF token. By using our own token we can integrate partner services like DeFi, NFT, and e-commerce into Ever Surf.

Speaking about our short-term plans, we are going to pay special attention to the integration between the Ever Surf platform and existing infrastructure solutions on Everscale such as a bridge, DEX, lending/borrowing protocol, TrueNFT, and DeNS.

As Ever Surf stays the official partner of the Flex decentralized order book exchange, in the near future, the Flex trading terminal will be available right from the Surf app. Users will be able to make payments and use the Security Card.

Apart from the partner services integrated into Everscale, we will also improve and develop our own kit of user services such as payments, gift cards, savings and passive income services, and a tool for purchasing tokens with fiat money and selling them for fiat.

It’s possible that our plans can be adjusted on our way to the main goal but the goal itself stays unchanged — we are still making Surf the most user-friendly app for interaction with the blockchain.

[UPDATE] The Surf rolling roadmap now can be found here.

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