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Team Results

The Ever Surf team works tirelessly to create new services and functions in the blockchain ecosystem. 2 years have gone by, and a lot has changed at Everscale. With the help of our community, we have turned the blockchain into an easy and convenient tool with so many possibilities. In this short summary, we’ll cover the implemented changes.

Everscale Interfaces

1. Governance Interface, DAO 0.9

The interface and smart contracts have been developed. The DAO have been maintained for two years to manage the network and 25 subgovernances.

Source: gov.freeton.org

2. Console Interface, CLI

It is a command line interface that is used by all the validators and developers in the Everscale network.

Source: github

3. Blockchain Interface, Ever Live 1.0

Ever Live — Everscale blockchain explorer. All of the blockchain from Zero state to the latest transaction updated in real time.

Source: ever.live

4. User Interface, Ever Surf

Surf is the most popular browser and wallet for mobile devices and PC in the Everscale network. It features the following functions:

  • Wallet. Store, receive and send tokens in the Everscale blockchain.
  • Collections. Store, receive and send NFT.
  • Messenger. Chat with your friends and partners. All messages are protected from unauthorized access with end-to-end encryption.
  • Staking. Earn passive income on your tokens by depositing them into staking pools.
  • DeBots. Launch DeBots and interact with them right from the browser. By means of DeBots, you can put your Evers into staking pools (DePools), work with multi-signature wallets, exchange tokens in the network, launch games, etc.
  • Payments. Buy, exchange tokens and top up your balance with a bank card.

Source: ever.surf/download

5. Hardware Interface, Security Card

This is something more than a hardware wallet. It is a unique NFC card that securely stores your data and can be adjusted to your needs. The card has a single-chip design by the EAL 6+ standard. It is encrypted and works in combination with the verified multi-signature wallet.

Source: github

Basic Elements of the Everscale

1. Smart Contracts

Fundamental smart contracts for the Everscale network have been developed and formally verified.

DePools contract

Multi-signature Surf wallet

The Set Multisig contract

Safe Multisig wallet

2. Components

Linker. The team developed Linker, the third element for launching compilers. It is used for conversion of code and data into a special format which then can be deployed in the blockchain.

Source: github

User interface toolkit — open source implementation of Surf design system built for React Native and React Native Web.

Sources: github

Everlinks — deep links and uri-schemes to interact with smart contracts and applications on the network. The links can be sent to users via chats, by SMS, email or messages in social media to perform quick operations with smart contracts and complete payments.

3. Staking Services

In the Everscale network, you can put your Evers into staking pools and earn passive income on them. The Surf team has developed a few easy tools for staking from which you can choose whatever suits best for you.







Staking Debot

4. Swap Services

A service for swapping Everscale tokens in Surf profile has been developed. It allows for swapping tokens right within the app. Also, you can choose a simple debot to work with, or a web interface at https://payments.surf/swap.

Sources: payments.surf/swap

Swapper Debot

Everscale Standards

1. True NFT — NFT Standard

The core technology underlying NFT solutions and smart contracts in the Everscale network has been developed.

Sources: github

2. TIP3 Token Standard

The core technology underlying NFT solutions and smart contracts in Everscale has been developed.

Sources: github

3. DeBots in the Everscale Network

The DeBot technology allows for abandoning of centralization points when users interact with the blockchain, for example, centralization of Web3 websites and DApp servers. This makes it possible to realize four interface versions at once: a light-weight command line (chat bot with a simple interface) and full-weight user interface in which the DeBot communicates to the user through manifests.

1. Debot Engine — an environment for launching DeBots

2. Debot Consortium — a consortium for specifications of interfaces (SI). SI is the place for discussions in which the community of the network makes decisions on questions related to the interfaces that need to be supported by all DeBot browsers.

3. CLI Debot Browser — a console browser for DeBots

4. Surf Debot Browser — DeBot browser in the app

5. Wasm Debot Browser

Sources: eversurf.medium.com/ever-surf-lightpaper-part3-83a1d6aa0bca

Surf Team Activities

1. Getting Started in the Everscale Network

A simplified process of onboarding in Everscale has been developed: you can activate your profile by tapping the button which launches the corresponding smart contracts. The mechanism proved to be effective: in the network, over 40 thousand profiles have been activated.

Simplified onboarding in Everscale

Source: Surf Activation Debot

2. Boosted Staking Program

It is an entry point for new users that offers better interest rates compared to other networks. The program supports independent Everscale validators with increased network decentralization. Surely, there is the token lock mechanism provided in the program. As a result, 30M Evers have been deposited in the pools with a lock period of up to 2 years. Among them, 40% have been deposited through exchanges and OTC deals.

Sources: github

Boosted Staking Debot

3. Hackathon Tezos DeFi 2022

Our team is working on its own solution by which users could manage their assets in different blockchains from within Everscale. For that purpose we took part in the hackathon Tezos DeFi 2022 as technical advisors. During the hackathon, five teams presented their solutions with which you can connect your Tezos wallet and make transactions.



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